pLimo & Towncar Service Call: Nationwide 1 (866) 592-0398 | Suffolk County 1 (631) 886-5555 | Nassau County 1 (516) 833-6455
Long Island Limos and Towncar Service at its finest!

Prom Table

Vehicle PicturePassenger Capacity Junior Prom 6 HoursSenior Prom 10 HoursJune 22nd Prom 10 HoursAdditional Hours
CHRYSLER 300 SEDAN3$300$500$550+$55
ROLLS ROYCE LIMOantique-limo-li4$750$1000$1100+$100
CHRYSLER 300 LIMO6$360$575$650+$70
LINCOLN LIMOUSINE6$360$550$625+$70
TAHOE OR SUBURBAN6$360$575$750+$70
LINCOLN STRETCH LIMO8$390$650$750+$70
CHRYSLER 300 STRETCH LIMO8$420$700$775+$75
EXPEDITION LIMO12$540$1200$1400+$85
HUMMER LIMO14$725$1800$2200+$125
ESCALADE LIMOUSINE18$755$1875$2250+$125
20 PASSENGER LIMO BUS20$1000$1850$2200+$150
29 PASSENGER LIMO BUS29$1100$2300$3400+$185
40 PASSENGER LIMO BUS40$1700$3650$5500+$325

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