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Long Island Wedding Transportation


Tips, Basics, and Questions

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Wedding Transportation Tips

In today’s modern wedding the term “wedding transportation” means more than just hiring a limo to take the bride and the groom after the ceremony. With out-of-town family, destination weddings, and elaborate receptions when you are planning your wedding the transportation logistics needs to be planned out. We have poured our years of experience into this list of tips, options, and questions you might have on wedding transportation on Long Island.

Do You Need Transportation for a Wedding?

There are only two situations we can think of that don’t need wedding transportation

    1. You are having a local wedding where all the guests live in town and the ceremony and reception are within walking distance of each other.
    2. Your wedding is being held in a hotel or resort where the ceremony, reception, and guest rooms are all in the same place.

Outside of those options, you are most likely going to need some sort of wedding transportation.

The most popular requests we get for wedding transportation are the following:

    1. Limo for Bride and Groom 
    2. Limos for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
    3. Limos or sedans for bride and groom’s parents
    4. Party bus or Travel coach for wedding party
    5. Shuttle bus for out-of-town guests
    6. Limo or party bus for Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
    7. Sedan or SUV for airport transportation
    8. Shuttle buses for hotel-to-ceremony and reception-to-hotel transportation
    9. Airport transportation for out-of-town guests

The best advice we can give is to study your guest list and determine what is going to be the most convenient and safest thing for them. Put yourself in their shoes, especially if they are coming in from out-of-town, and do what is best for them. Maybe just a few sedan trips can solve all of your transportation issues, maybe you just need a long shuttle rental to move all your guests, or maybe you need all the limos and buses! Most likely you will need to hire some wedding transportation. Figure out the right amount of wedding transportation that fits in your budget. One thing that we can be sure about is that almost all of your guests would rather figure out their own transportation than have you spend more than you can afford. Just remember, we all have that uncle that will complain no matter what.

How much does it cost for wedding transportation?

Rates for wedding transportation can swing depending on a few factors; what type of vehicles you want, how long you want the vehicles for, day and time of your wedding, can you select a wedding transportation package, and a couple of other factors. We have listed some general pricing for our different types of vehicles on our pricing page. Please keep in mind those prices can vary depending on the day or even the hours of your event.

Refer to our Wedding Limo Pricing for pricing details and vehicle choices. Also, if you are in need a combination of a few different types of vehicles take a look at our discounted Wedding Transportation Packages.

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How much does a shuttle bus for a wedding cost?

Shuttle buses and shuttle vans are typically a bigger investment for wedding hosts for a few reasons. Wedding shuttles rentals have a much bigger passenger range. Our shuttle options range from shuttle vans for up to 13 passengers to coach buses for up to 40 passengers. Shuttle vehicles are also more expensive to operate and cost more per mile than limos or sedans.

That does not mean that they are not a great value option for wedding transportation. If you have a large number of guests staying at a hotel, a shuttle can make numerous runs between the hotel and the venue. This can bring the person cost down to well below other options. They also offer maximum convenience for your guests. And, a shuttle from the reception back to the hotel can be significantly safer than having guests drive themselves.

Our wedding shuttle vans and buses typically range from $135 per hour for a Sprinter shuttle van to $500 per hour for a 40 passenger coach bus. Those rates are based on our normal 3 or 4 hours rental period and do not include service fees, fuel charges or sales tax. Refer to our Wedding Shuttle Pricing page for more details and shuttle choices.

Other things to consider when contemplating a shuttle bus for your wedding are; distance between venues, parking lot sizes, and traffic/congestion issues. If you have a large distance from your hotel to your ceremony venue or if the directions to the ceremony venue get tricky, you might want to make things easy and offer a shuttle service for those out-of-town guests. If parking is going to be a problem or if the wedding or reception venue has paid parking, a shuttle bus could reduce the car count by 15, 30, or even more cars. Let’s face it, timing is an issue at weddings and receptions. If your wedding is in a high traffic area or it is tricky to get to, one fender bender or missed turn could delay the start of your events by an hour or more. Sometimes it is better to have a professional driver in charge of everyone’s timing and safety.

How many limos do you need for a wedding?

Most wedding planners include wedding transportation for the bride and groom plus the wedding party. So, the number of limos needed can vary based on the size of the wedding party. Our most popular wedding limo is our classic Cadillac limo, which is perfect for the bride and the groom. Then depending on the size of the wedding party you could use anywhere from one to three extra limos. Our limos fit 6 passengers and our stretch limos comfortably fit 8 passengers. A typical wedding party of 8 can fit in one stretch limo. If you are including a limo for your immediate family, you might want to add on a third limo. If you would like to stick with just 2 limos, utilizing an SUV limo as your second limo could do the trick. Our SUV limos can fit up to 18 people, plenty big for even large wedding parties.

Another popular option is the wedding shuttle van or bus. Our wedding shuttles range from 13 passengers up to 40 passengers. With the increased average number of out-of-town guests at weddings, these wedding vans have become popular due to their ability to offer transportation for any guests that is staying at your wedding hotel.

The answer to the question “How many limos do I need for my wedding?” is as varied as weddings themselves. Our wedding consultants are always ready to walk you through your Long Island wedding transportation planning.


When should I book my wedding transportation?

As a general rule, the earlier you book your wedding transportation the better. Booking three to four months in advance will normally give you a good selection of vehicles to choose from. You want to make sure you have your hotel and venues selected before you book your wedding transportation so that you know exactly what services you will need.

If you are planning a Spring wedding you might want to book your wedding limo a little bit earlier than 3 months before the event. Spring is also known as the limo season. With proms, graduations, Easter, and other weddings, limo availability gets tested. We suggest booking your wedding transportation a little bit sooner to avoid any availability issues or higher rates.

If your heart is set on a vintage limo like a Cadillac limo or a Rolls Royce limo booking extra early is also a good idea. Most of the time only one or two of these are available, so once again, the earlier you book the better.

How do I rent a wedding limo?

Most limos can be rented online or over-the-phone, but for wedding limo rentals we suggest speaking with a limo event specialist. Limo specialists know the ins-and-outs of what you might need for your wedding. They know what questions need to be asked. Questions you might not have thought of yet. They know the vehicles and the venues. In short, they will be able to give you that personalized attention that can make everything a little bit easier.

When you are working with one of our event specialists be sure to request a meeting to see the vehicles before the big day. Not only will you feel better knowing that you are getting exactly what you were looking for, but we also get to rest easy knowing that we will have the right limos ready.
Be sure to enquire about packages and other services. We have set wedding limo packages that you can choose from, or we can customize any of our plans to fit your wedding. Our wedding transportation packages will make your life easier and even save you some money.

Email, call, or fill-out and online request and one of our event specialists will reach out to help you plan your Long Island wedding transportation.

How do I save on wedding transportation?

Weddings are expensive, saving a little bit of money here and there is the key to staying within your budget. When it comes to saving some money on wedding transportation we can give a few suggestions:

  • Book your limos and shuttle early. As availability goes down, the prices of limos go up. Booking early helps to ensure the best price.
  • Chose the right size limo for your wedding party. Going with a bigger SUV limo or party bus might cost a little bit more, but it is normally cheaper than booking two separate limos.
  • Bundle all of your wedding transportation needs. If you are going to be using a wedding limo, a bachelor/bachelorette limo, airport transportation for guests, airport transportation for the bride and groom after the wedding, and/or anything else…packaging them all together will save you money.

What other tips or tricks should I know about wedding transportation?

    • Share our information with your guests. We can offer you guests a discount on their airport transportation to and from the hotel. We can also set up discounts for group trips into New York City or for Long Island wine tasting tours while they are in town for your wedding.
    • Tell us what color vehicles you want. If you want all white or all black vehicles for your wedding, tell us early on. The sooner we know, the sooner we can block off all the right vehicles for you.
    • If you have a particular type of vehicle in mind for your wedding and you don’t see it on our limo fleet page…ask us about it. Sometimes we haven’t had a chance to put the latest vehicles up on the website. If we don’t have the vehicle you want, we might be able to get the vehicle you want from one of our affiliate companies.
    • Schedule in a little extra time if you want to take pictures inside the bride/groom limo or the bridal party limo. Lighting in the vehicles can be a little tricky for your photographer, so give them a couple of extra minutes to get it right.
    • Plan for multiple trips from the reception back to the hotel. Some of the older family members might be ready to head back and sleep at 10 or 11 pm. Don’t make them wait it out until that “last call” 1 am run. Not only will your early-to-bed guests be grateful for the early option, but that party animal crowd will also feel more comfortable keeping the party going until they get back to the hotel.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask anything. We have a lot of wedding experience. If you have a question about anything wedding related on Long Island, we can most likely help out. Need a last-minute tux rental? We can help. Your DJ backed out? We have a few you can call. Need entertainment or bachelor/bachelorette party ideas? We have suggestions. We are here to help you any way we can.
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