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Business Travel and Corporate Transportation Tips

If your job requires a significant amount of travel odds at one point or another you felt like you were living…
Corporate Transportation tips for New York and Long Island airport transportation.

Corporate Car Companies Can Make Business Travel Easier

If your job requires a significant amount of travel, odds are at one point or another you felt like you were living out of your suitcase. It is not easy. Hotels are often nice, but almost never feel quite as comfortable as home.  Eating out and room service are always a treat, but sometimes all you want is a good home-cooked meal.

As an executive here, I often find myself away from home. Partner meetings, industry conferences, visits to suppliers, and the like have me on the road about 30% of the time. This last spurt of travel had me visiting 4 different cities and kept me away from home for 3 weeks. Towards the end of that trip, I really started asking myself “How do you get through all of the corporate travel?” and “What are some things that I can do to make your business travel a little bit easier?”

I talked to a few real corporate road warriors (you know those execs that travel 50% of the time or more). Here are some of the tips they gave me on making corporate travel a bit easier:

Preparation is Key

1.  As soon as you get home, pack your bag for next trip. This way when the next trip comes up, you don’t have to spend time packing. You can enjoy your time at home right up to the last minute.

2.  Have a travel bathroom bag. Using a bag with just airport and air travel-approved toiletries saves the time of having to get stuff together for every trip. Deodorant, shaving cream, razors, toothbrushes, sunscreen, hair spray, and gel are all examples of good things to have in your bathroom bag. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and face soap are supplied by any hotel I hope you are staying in, but it never hurts to have one of each in your bathroom bag.

3.  Pack a lot of black. Black pants, jackets, socks and shoes might sound boring, but when you add color to shirts, ties, blouses and scarfs you are more likely to be able to dress for any occasion without too many duplicates.

4.  Bring some house shoes. Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good to slip into some slippers at the end of the day. Plus, they are normally very easy to pack compared to normal shoes.

Plan Your Corporate Transportation

1.  Have somewhere that you always keep your travel documents. Plane tickets, card for your airport transportation provider, passport, hotel information, and so on. Keeping them in one place and always in the same place saves you from the ticket hunt that always seems to happen.

2.  Use technology. E-tickets, mobile apps, and website are your friend. When you can pull up your plane ticket on an app, and you have your airport limo companies website bookmarked, and an email with the hotel confirmation – a lot of those documents we talked about are now unnecessary.

3.  Ask you corporate transportation company if they can arrange all of your airport transportation. Good limo companies will have partner providers across the country that they can use to arrange corporate transportation for you at your destination city. This takes out the guess work of the reliability of the limo company you pick in a strange city. You have selected a provider you trust to get you from home to the airport. Use their knowledge to get you a similarly reliable airport transportation provider no matter what city you are traveling to.

Loyalty Pays

1.  Use reward cards. You are putting in the time away from home and loved ones, might as well be racking up miles and reward points to use on them. If you travel often, it is not unheard of to be able to accumulate enough points and miles for airfare and a hotel stay for a two-week vacation for the family every year.

2. Reuse service providers that treated you right the first time. If you are re-visiting a city, reuse the dry-cleaner that got your dress cleaned in time, reuse the limo company that got you to every meeting on-time, and revisit that restaurant that had such great service last time. These are the companies that appreciate your business and will appreciate your loyalty even more. And, every great provider that you find makes their city feel a little bit more like home for you.

S&G Limousines is a leading provider of corporate car services and airport transportation in New York and Long Island. Next time you have to head out of town on a business trip, give them a call to make reservations for your airport transportation. While you have them on the phone ask them if they can arrange airport transportation for you at your destination city. Our nationwide network of corporate car services is sure to set you up with a reliable provider almost anywhere in the country.

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