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How to Pick a Prom Limo Company in Long Island

The mounds of snow piled on the side of the roads and in parking lots will be with us for a while, I am sure. But, while hard to believe, it is almost prom time on Long Island!

We sit here still suffering through the snow storm that, while not the 24 inches they called for, is still a pain in the butt to shovel and drive through. The mounds of snow piled on the side of the roads and in parking lots will be with us for a while, I am sure. But, while hard to believe, it is almost prom time on Long Island!

Prom takes a lot of preparation, so starting early is a good idea. Who to ask, what designer dress to buy, where to rent a prom tuxedo, what other couples to go with, how do I find a good prom limo service, and which after-party to hit are all questions you will have to answer in the next few months.

At S&G Limo, we want to help you cross one of those items off the list by giving you some suggestions on how to choose a great prom limo. (Yeah, we might be biased, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give some universal tips.)


1.  Plan the size of your party. Yes, it will change. You have the perfect group of 12 friends picked out to roll to prom with right now, but come on, it is high school. You know that will change in 3 months. Deon and Teresa are all bae now, but who knows, Teresa might break up with Deon. Fernando might get in a fight with Chase and refuse to be in the same limo with him. And Becky? Come on, Becky? Everyone knows Becky loves sushi. She might eat some bad sushi a few nights before prom and end up spending prom weekend in a bathroom. Plus, you know you have been trying to ship Marly and Erica. That still might happen in the next three months, then they would have to be in your prom party. So, yeah, your prom party size will change. Do yourself a favor and pick a prom limo company that has some different size limos available. At S&G we offer town cars and SUVs for prom parties of 1-6, limos and SUV limos for parties of 6-16, and prom party buses for prom parties up to 32!

2.  Discuss the color limo you want. Most limos come in black or white, so not much choice. However, every group has a diva, right? Chances are high that someone in your prom party will want a particular color. Ask your friends what color they want before you call to make your reservation. You will be glad you asked beforehand instead of watching Blake throw a little horsey fit because he wanted a white limo, not a black limo, because he wanted to look like Rainbow Dash when he stepped out of an all white limo in his rainbow tuxedo. Trust me, you do not want to see a brony throw a fit in the back of a limo then throw shade your way all night.

3.  Set a budget. Everyone wants to ride to prom in the biggest, sickest, baller-ist limo with the sound system pounding and your squad turnt. But, does everyone want to pay for that ride? Get your ride on fleek, but keep it in your budget. Find out what everyone wants to pay, then look within your budget. On prom night limos are in high demand and the rates tend to be higher than normal. Set a budget and then look around for a limo in that budget, or for a special. Hey! We offer prom limo specials! You should call us, maybe?

4.  Reserve your limo early. Like I said in point 3, prom night is a busy night for limo companies in Long Island. Don’t leave it for the last minute or you might find that all of the limos in the tri-state area are booked. Think of it like you think of your prom dress. You want to go shopping early, so you have as many choices as possible. Book your limo early and you will be happy you did. No funny quips. None of my “teenager lingo.” This point is forrealzies – book early. You will get the limo you want and you will get it at a better price than those who wait. When is early? I would do it as soon as possible after you find out when is prom night.

5.  Plan your pickup and drop-off. Having the limo pick up everyone individually is classy, but takes more time. Having everyone meet at one place, then getting in the limo and heading to prom will be a bit more ghetto, but it would also be quicker and cheaper. What are your plans for the night? Are you all going to prom, then heading to the same hotel after-party? If so, having the limo pick you all up at the hotel, driving you to prom, then back to the hotel might be the right plan. That way your cars are all there for you in the morning! Planning the logistics of the night might be basic, but take the time and plan it out. It can make all of prom weekend that much more fun.

6.  Check back here often. We plan on dropping prom limo specials from now until all of our limos are booked. We will also be trying to add all of the Long Island prom dates and locations on here as soon as they are announced.


That’s it. That’s all I have to say on how to rent a limo for prom in Long Island. If you guys need any more help or have a question, leave a comment below. Or, give us a call. We are here to make your prom night special.


Disclaimer: I am sorry for the language used in this article. Yes, I am an old man. In my defense, I normally act about as mature as a teenager and, I use all the slang I wrote in this article in my everyday life.

And, yes, that is sad.


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