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Try a South Fork Wine Tasting Tour!

Looking for a new excursion with friends and family? Don’t miss up the opportunity to try a wine tasting. Wine tastings are more popular than ever, and South Fork Wineries are some of the finest places in Long Island to try delicious, regional wine. Whether you are “the one” in your social circle who always knows about wine – or someone who buys the bottle because you think the label looks pretty – a wine tasting can be one of the most fun events you attend this summer.
Sit back and enjoy the day by taking a limo wine tour or a towncar wine tour.


At a wine tasting you’ll sample different wines. Don’t expect to drink large glass after glass of wine. The key to a wine tasting is the sampling – enjoying a variety of wines. Often you’ll learn some fascinating tidbits about wine that may help you to choose that new Merlot or Pignot Grigo the next time you go out for a delicious meal.


One of the great benefits you’ll want to enjoy about a wine tasting is the opportunity to connect with others who love wine as much as you do. Now this can especially benefit you if you are new to choosing that great bottle of wine – because your new friends may offer some suggestions and even some specific vintages that you may want to try. If you are quite experienced and love drinking and tasting wine, it will be the ideal experience to be surrounded by people just like you who also know that one of the best ways to end the day is watching the sunset with someone you love and drinking their favorite glass of wine. Why it is good for the heart in so many ways!


Now if you are new to a tasting we’ll give you a big tip – at a wine tasting you typically spit out the wine you taste. You don’t actually swallow it! The experience is simply tasting and savoring the wine. Wine experts have agreed for many years that the ideal way to experience a wine tasting is to spit out the wine, so follow along and do as the others at the event.


We suggest a romantic or relaxing wine tour in the Long Island South Fork. Wine tours can include: wine tasting, vineyard tours, winery tours, and/or lunch or dinner at a great bistro or restaurant.


At the Duckwalk Vineyards, you’ll find a Wine Shop, so it is easy to bring home a bottle of that delicious wine you tasted. They also have events, like musical performances that you can attend. If you adore wine, you may want to consider joining their Wine Club.


The Wolffer Estates Vineyards has a Wine & Gift Shop, you can take home a bottle of your new favorite bottle of wine or wine related gifts for friends and family. This vineyard also has live music and a Wine Club.


Make your reservation today to enjoy a wine tasting. Bring your friends and family to South Fork and try some of the NY region’s best wines!


South Fork Wine Tour Specials

Towncar Wine Tours


1-3 Passengers
5 Hour Tour
Can Include 1 or 2 Wineries
Can Include Lunch or Dinner
Price Does not include: tax, gas, or gratuity charges. Winery fees and meal cost are also not included.
Limo Wine Tours


1-8 Passengers
5 Hour Tour
Can Include 1 or 2 Wineries
Can Include Lunch or Dinner
Price Does not include: tax, gas, or gratuity charges. Winery fees and meal cost are also not included.

Suggested South Fork Wineries:

Wolffer Estates Vineyards, Duckwalk Vineyards and Channing Daughters Winery

Source: dummies.com


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